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Mission & Vision

Saving ARC was formed to assist in the expedition of a survivor taking back control of her life before her initial decision to do just that provides consequences that plunge her life irrecoverably into oblivion. 

We here at ARC are not strangers to the traumatic truths from intimate partner violence and we in no way aim to minimize the rightfully frightening statistics or attempt to ignore the lethal potential involved with such criminal acts. Our focus, is on the crisis beyond the crime. 

First and foremost, those exact same women who had just been liberated of their circumstances and were experiencing relief from a walk of life that would make the strongest we know stumble, a walk we'll all be better off to learn more about. They are now subjected to even more, in kind and not, abuse. From debt collectors, to eviction notices, repossessions, and the threat of losing their job or fear of discrimination in obtaining a new one because of their circumstances. The Woman we all joined arms to protect are left with even more everyday monsters to fight ending each day with more emotional scars than it began with.

Behind The Scenes

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"Our focus is the CRISIS beyond the crime!"

Sherri Mills


The greatest aspiration of ARC is to empower entire communities into self-sustaining, self-reliant contributors.

Our focus is the crisis beyond the crime ~