According to the US Census Bureau, there are over 64,000 family households in Salt Lake County where the female is head of household (main breadwinner).  Of this number, there are over 37,000 female householders in Salt Lake County where there is no husband present (Single Moms). 

Single Mom’s make up 57% of the Salt Lake County family homes and when you combine all households in the entire county of Salt Lake, family & non-family – SINGLE MOM’S REPRESENT 40% OF SALT LAKE COUNTY RENTERS!

In these homes, according the US Census Bureau, there are 49,884 children. 31.3% of these children require daycare if the mom is to leave the home for work to provide income to survive. That is 15,613 children in single mother homes under the age of 6.

The US Census Bureau reported that in 2015, the exact number of Single Mother homes was 37,598 and of this number, only 18,203 of these women worked full-time, year round over a 12 month period.  That means that over a 12 month period in 2015 – 19,395 women, single mom’s, at one point or another did not have a job!

According to the US Census Bureau, there are 49,884 children under the age of 18 living in households with single moms. 31.3 % of these children (15,613) are under the age of 6 – Daycare age. An additional 33% (16,461) of these children are still in elementary school.

The average children in a home in Salt Lake County is 2 – 3.  Even if we take the lower number and attribute 2 children to each of these “unemployed single mom’s” – That means that during a 12-month period in 2015 – there were over 38,000 children who were living without a family paycheck at one point or another.

The US Census Bureau also shows that 45.3% of single Mom’s – with children under the age of 5 in Salt Lake County have income BELOW poverty level.  That is 7,072 children of single moms who live in poverty.

Before we are allowed to push this situation off as something it may not be, I will also convey that the US Census Bureau reported the difference between men and women in Salt Lake County who were college graduates.  These numbers represent both men and women between 18 – 44 who have a college degree and who reside the above-mentioned homes.

Men = 174,947 and Women = 188,587 – Female statistics are 7% higher.


A Saving A.R.C. initiative providing opportunities for those trying to rebuild their lives while still in the midst of the chaos and turmoil that continues for months after the storm.  Our job share programs help young Mom's and Dad's pay the rent and feed their children while still having the time for critical appointments and family based priorities!

There are many negative situations that a single mother must go through as they do the very best they can to raise their children alone but the above statistics are proof that we have a more serious problem.  Taking care of children is an important job and it is one that we don’t get to leave for a better opportunity or trade in when it becomes overwhelming.  When a single mom has a job outside of the home, it can become almost inevitable that her job be lost when the children need to be the priority at home.  Most employers do not give time off freely without consequence because the daycare refuses to take a child with a temperature and there is no-one else to call.  When the odds of this happening is multiplied by two or even 3, you can see how many “emergencies” could come up that create a never-ending nightmare for the “mom” who is just trying to be everything to everyone with very little support where it is most needed.  College degree or not, an education will not help with our human nature to live in the competitive work environment with little or no empathy for anything but the bottom line and even if there are solutions that could help the single mom do both – such as job share or trained back up – most employers really don’t think it is there responsibility to care.

Saving ARC want to bring education to the workforce on this subject and many more where struggling moms are concerned.  There is so much help out there and we are the ones to ask.

Our goal will be to not only provide a multitude of outlets for these moms (and Dad’s in some cases) but we also want to cultivate a community of education for lifetime sustainability, new potential job opportunities, forward thinking escape plans for those needing to flee from abuse and education for couples in turmoil who need support and not criticism or moral judgement.

Saving ARC representatives have experience in all of the areas we can provide guidance in.  We’ve been there, we know the ins and outs of what can sometimes seem to be a never ending maze of paperwork, legal complications and more. 

​​How many hours per week can your company give these families?