Providing a safe place to access resources to all those in need while instilling in those who need, the confidence in their own capabilities of providing themselves with a safe place of their own.


Saving ARC was formed to assist in the expedition of a survivor taking back control of her life before her initial decision to do just that provides consequences that plunge her life irrecoverably into oblivion. We also provide support and knowledge of those services that match the emergent needs of all individuals and their extensions who have been thrust into realities they otherwise would not have known.
We here at ARC are not strangers to the traumatic truths from intimate partner violence and we in no way aim to minimize the rightfully frightening statistics or attempt to ignore the lethal potential involved with such criminal acts.

But while we respect and fully support law enforcement and extending government agencies in their efforts to protect our mothers, daughters, and sisters; Our focus, is on the crisis beyond the crime. We can't ignore the impact caused from police interventions. But we can limit its sphere of influence through education, empowerment, and healthy opposition.

First and foremost, those exact same women who had just been liberated of their circumstances and were experiencing relief from a walk of life that would make the strongest we know stumble, a walk we'll all be better off to learn more about. They are now subjected to even more, in kind and not, abuse. From debt collectors, to eviction notices, repossessions, and the threat of losing their job or fear of discrimination in obtaining a new one because of their circumstances. The Woman we all joined arms to protect are left with even more everyday monsters to fight ending each day with more emotional scars than it began with.

Also how can we effectively advocate equality if we remain blind to the other variations of domestic violence.  The ones that are mistaken as critical and the man, woman, or both are apprehended, subjected to wrongful incarceration, then Released on dropped charges to the same societal abuse issues as victims but without the treatment of the existing issue that caused the misinterpretation in the first place.  Or the situations involving emotional abuse. The abuse that is seen but believed to not necessarily warrant police intervention although it causes the exact same traumatic and emotional Detriments to their victims?  And then, the prevalence of mental illness cases mimicking serious offenses but lack the understanding needed for the intent to vicious or the misinterpretation of their intent due to the perception of their actions being assessed using guidelines not pertaining to them.

Acknowledging these sub issues is important Because another unfortunate fact hidden inside domestic violence is that those undeserving of or overly subjected to the harsh realities of our penal system are now also victims of the same nature. Whether the feelings of victimization stem from malicious abusers, the unfortunate collateral of good intentions, or the injustice of invisible ailments, the struggles faced as a result are the same.

Furthermore, emergency responders facing the sheer volume of reports that follows as a result of all perceived violent crimes being grouped under one acceptable response, is exhausting our law enforcement. they're feeling of being abused themselves by “wolf cries” has compounded the fear that has engulfed our society on every front.

While ARC is primarily here as an aid to expedite initiating recovery of a victim’s life rather than idly standing witness to her prolonged survival with no signs of improvement, we're also here to raise awareness to the realities of what that recovery process excruciatingly entails and to bring attention to the vast amount of all different people from every background who need the same compassionate assistance in their pursuit to put their life back together after a dramatic change fell over their circumstances. Or those who need a break from being the one leaned on by those directly affected by it.  Beyond the fatality concerns at the highest risk level of these crimes, there is no situation that causes more or less damage to its victims than the other.  Each victim has a right to be regarded as such without FEAR of being labeled insecure rather than menaced by insults or seen as attention seeking/abusers themselves when they are displaying unprecedented forgiveness as their way of coping with constant false accusation.  Every individual is entitled to feeling the way they do, when they do, and however they do it as it pertains to only themselves. We can't forsake or dissipate one person’s response to trauma in the pursuit of justice for another's forced silence.

If we utilize Saving Arc to become a safe place inside a community. One in which we cultivate and embrace the perspective of those who need its safety and resources. To provide an environment where we work together to help create unthreatening support groups, with innovative solutions to problems that are currently being held at bay instead of drained of their powers. And in turn those in the most need can turn outward empower those outside of our Immediate resources and impart wisdom, encourage their confidence to take preemptive action in ensuring their safety. Or to eliminate the fear of creating additional problems by government interference while attempting to gain ground before evidence beyond a reasonable doubt is available to validate her concerns. We will strive to make ARC a step before police are called rather than the step after.

Until, eventually the greatest aspiration of ARC will grow to fruition and as we are doing these things, we are also empowering entire communities into self-sustaining, self-reliant, contributors to this world. Through education and example, we hope to replace stigmatisms with educated opinions. We aim to empower every individual starting from the ground out, humanizing all members of the social ecosystem (from the grandiose abuser to the perfect house on the hill) disarming fear of being less without magnifying transgressions and instead (wisely) accepting differences.

We encourage all to see and be seen as equals who need and are the ones needed. To be those accepting of forgiveness and recognition in being the one whose asking for it. To rectify feelings of being oppressed by letting go of our own oppressions. For all needs to be met/taken care of by oneself with confidence and knowledge of how to understand what's needed that they don't have instead of getting services they assume they can't perform.

Domestic violence and all affiliated crime and related consequence is a crisis that has ahold of
Humanity in epidemic proportions. Our neighbors, members of our family, and those in pretty white houses are all subject of it or vulnerable to it. Its rampant amongst all types of our communities, and it is growing across our entire nation. It has the power to overtake us as its main weapon is the installation of fear and fear is a fickle enemy.

We, as an extension of the government and its necessity to focus on the extremes, do not have the necessary resources to combat, detain, and keep control of this.
But through compassion and targeted approaches we can extinguish fear and its temptation over our way of response. With support from one another we can overcome fear without accepting it into normality.

As the flood waters recede, when the crisis is fading, and ARC serves more of a memorial of the old than assisting the new. I won't close its doors; instead I'll look for that member in the community buried under books and their correlating problems. The one who will pioneer direction for salvation long before scientists can study the aftermath in the fallout to vaguely understand where it came from.

And from extensions of our efforts and of the like, they will have the confidence to know who they are without falling to the new societal biases and norms to follow. ARC is for the underdogs, the ones majority left behind. The ones who seemed lost, who appeared damaged, who thought of things differently or saw things we couldn't. The men and women who felt shamed, afraid, displaced, or nervous simply by being themselves and a part of their situation. Those who were not left behind or lost but were instead trekking an unbeaten path, discovering themselves, and paving the way out for Everyone else. Even if they underestimated their own impact.

The true heroes of this world. Hidden behind every grease stained face and plate serving apron. Found In the eyes of every mother at home and in the cracked hands of fathers at work. All efforts aiming to make this world a better place and a safer way for our children to grow. This is who you will find at ARC. Families who have enough to stay up but not to get anywhere. These are the ones we are here for, to deliver them from circumstance using the unknown power within their own determination. Lifting man imposed limitations of the mind or on the world.

We are more than our past. We are bigger than our mistakes. We are never unworthy of Saving.
A message expressed by example to the generation we're raising. We can drastically change the future by innovating their present.