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What is Rhoades to Recovery?

ARC knows that an individuals personal quality of health is synonymous with their ability to provide support for themselves and/or to their family. So we offer a program educating and assisting interested individuals in no only making the moves towards a healthier lifestyle, but in finding how to enjoy, celebrate and prefer to live in those changes too.

This program serves as an avenue of encouragement, accountability and shared accomplishments alongside your peers while working away from old, bad habits into a healthier, more enjoyable physical lifestyle.


We are not only talking about physical health, ARC knows that a persons mental health is of equal importance to their physical health. While working to see the hard work pay off in the mirror, this program also serves to acknowledge, educate, and provide emotional support to those with ailments not so easily seen.

Whether you get together for a session at the gym or you need a friend to remind you that you're not alone - Rhoades to Recovery will offer a safe environment, with like minded people to help you grow from your current situation; Individuals who also need your help to grow themselves.

ARC knows that no one chooses to be in unhealthy situations purposefully. We know all too well that one day you look up and you can't remember how you got there. But we also know that strings of events can turn in the opposite direction; one day you will look around and find yourself healthily successful in all aspects of life. If you choose to get the ball rolling that way.

We don't care where you've been.
Where you are now doesn't determine your worth.
As long as you're working in the right direction, ARC will help you maintain your momentum.

ARC is another chance.  Before Rock bottom, after rock bottom, or during rock bottom. Whenever you're ready to take control of life, to elevate your circumstances; we'll be waiting for you with a hand up. ARC is where you go when your world is falling apart and you want it to stop, when you want to rebuild and you want those buildings to be more stable and secure this time around.  ARC is where even the darkest and most dire of circumstances will find light. A place where you can have a family, a life, a therapist, a court date, and a stable job all at the same time.  ARC will help you pave your Rhoades back Home.